dgplug summer training 2018

I Know What You Are Going To Do This Summer 18

Do you want to see your name next time you install GNU/Linux in your friend’s computer?

Online summer training from Linux Users' Group of Durgapur. All are welcome.

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This is the 11th year of the training. Through this training, we show the path of becoming an upstream contributor. The training lasts for almost 3 months, sessions are generally at 19:00 IST (13:00 UTC) onwards.

We will be spending time to learn about ethics in programming and in life. Even though we all get a chance to learn a lot of programming and technology regularly, but, we don't get to see how those technical decisions affect our freedom. We want to help people not only to learn about how to use a tool, or how to use a framework to develop the next best application, but, we also want people to think about the consequence of the code we write. Good user documentation, and not having hidden surprises generally help both the developers and the users of any tool.

Here is one report which was published in 2014, and one in 2013.

Probable Starting Time

17th June 2018, 19:00 IST



List of courses

What is required to join this training/Pre-requisites

Guest sessions

Throughout this training we get many upstream contributors giving special sessions. The topics for these sessions varies a lot, starting from personal stories about how they started contributing, to software licenses, documentation projects etc.

We will update the list of guest speakers below.


Kushal Das

How to join?

First join the mailing list (link given below), and then the IRC channel. If you need help with IRC, read this guide. Remember, that all important details will be sent to the mailing list, so join there first is a good idea.

Mailing List

If you don't know how to join the mailing list, have a look at the GIF below.