dgplug summer training 2017

I Know What You Are Going To Do This Summer 17

Do you want to see your name next time you install GNU/Linux in your friend’s computer?

Online summer training from Linux Users Group of Durgapur. All are welcome.

Entry Free!

This is the 10th year of the training. Our goal is to bring in more upstream contributors to various Free software projects. Through this training we show the path of becoming an upstream contributor. The training lasts for almost 3 months, sessions are generally at 19:00 IST onwards. This year there will be live view of terminals where participants will be able to see what the trainer is doing on the computer.

In 2017 we are focusing more on the history and the political aspects of the Free Software movement. Over the years we found the new contributors think this is all about software, and Freedom has nothing to do with GNU/Linux and other Free software. This year we are trying to have more speakers to talk about the hackers' ethics, and the history behind many of the appications we use daily.

Here is one report which was published in 2014, and one in 2013.

Probable Starting Time

18th June 2017, 19:00 IST



List of courses

What is required to join this training/Pre-requisites

Guest sessions

Through out this training we get many upstream contributors giving special sessions. The topics for these sessions varies a lot, starting from personal stories about how they started contributing, to software licenses, documentation projects etc.

Below is the list of guest speakers in 2017 (incomplete).


Kushal Das

How to join?

Just join the IRC channel, and the mailing list. If you need help with IRC, read this guide.

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