I Know What You Are Going To Do This Summer 15

Do you want to see your name next time you install GNU/Linux in your friend’s computer?

Online summer training from Linux Users Group of Durgapur. All are welcome.

Entry Free!

This is the 8th year of the training. Our goal is to bring in more upstream contributors to various FOSS projects. Through this training we show the path of becoming an upstream contributor. The training lasts for almost 3 months, sessions are generally at 18:30 IST onwards.

Here is one report which was published in 2014, and one in 2013.

Probable Starting Time

20th June 2015, 18:30 IST


  • Revisiting programming fundamentals
  • Get acquainted with Free Software technologies
  • Gaining technical knowledge
  • Real-world project experience


  • Online reading material will be provided.
  • Talks given by different international upstream developers.
  • Direct interaction with the developers.
  • Soft skill training (online communications).

List of courses

  • Communication skills
  • Introduction to shell
  • Buffer editors (Vi)
  • Free Software project guidelines
  • Code cross-referencing tools
  • Documentation
  • Basic system administration
  • Source code management systems (Mercurial & Git)
  • How to write conference proposals?
  • How to make computer to do your work? (We speak Python to do so).

What is required to join this training/Pre-requisites

  • A computer with any recent GNU/Linux distribution installed (We prefer Fedora 22).
  • A decent Internet connection.
  • Attitude to learn.
  • Go through previous years’ IRC session logs.

Guest sessions

Through out this training we get many upstream contributors giving special sessions. The topics for these sessions varies a lot, starting from personal stories about how they started contributing, to software licenses, documentation projects etc.

Below is a probable list of guest speakers in 2015.

  • Kiran Jonnalagadda (co-founder, Hasgeek)
  • Siddhesh Poyarekar (Glibc upstream)
  • Abhilash Raj (Mailman upstream)
  • Ezio Melotti (CPython upstream)
  • Nicholas Tollervey (Nicholas is a programmer, classically trained musician, philosophy graduate, teacher & writer. He’s just like this bio: concise, honest and full of useful information)


Kushal Das <kushaldas AT gmail DOT com>

How to join?

Fill this google form.


  • #dgplug on irc.freenode.net