Broadband connection in Linux

Hi All,

I am usig Ubuntu v7. Just wanted to know if I can use a broadband connection in my machine. I have earlier configured dial up connection with Fedora Core in my home, but not sure whether Broadband will be supported. (I read in some blogs that USB modem is not detected in Linux).

Thanks for any suggestions/comments.


How can I make Fedora look better?

Hi, I am Sarthak Ganguly, First Year CSE BCREC,

I have been using PCLINUX07 for nearly a year now. It's graphics and windows decorations are superb, the compiz or beryl drives the machine like vista if not better but consumes far lower system resources.

My question is since I am new to Fedora how can I improve the looks of the Fedora dektop?

Are the desktop effects as good?

How can I change the default appearance to the PcLOS disto type?

Are you annoyed with your system clock...Don't worry ....Here's a simple solution


This Ratnadeep, back again with a little problem on Linux Fedora and its solution.

The problem that I was facing was that Linux was making the Bios clock and connsequently the Windows clock malfunction. And later the Linux clock itself was malfunctioning. I was worried. But there is always the senior guys (KD Da, Shubhodip Da, Arindam Da...) at DGPLUG to refer to.

Thank God!!!

**Note: I am using the GNOME interface...and all my trials are relative to the GNOME interface

Is your system getting heated up???? Don't sweat.....Here's the chilly solution!!!!

I am Ratnadeep Debnath, a 1st year student of CSE in Dr. B.C.Roy Engineering College.
Lately I installed Fedora 8 in my Dell XPS M1530 notebook....everything went fine....and the NVIDIA graphics driver issue was also resolved.
But one problem was bugging me...My system was getting haeted up a lot ( rather say abnormally) than that happened in Windows Vista.
But today 20/03/2008....with help from KD Da ...this problem was resolved. Here's how to solve it:

Meeting minutes

See it here

head & tail


The "head" & "tail" commands in UNIX can be used to view portions of a file. By default head displays first 10 lines of a file, and tail displays last 10 lines of a file.


The following UNIX commands are executed on the text file "num.txt" containing #s 1-100 in each line.

/* Display last 10 (default) lines of a file */
$ tail num.txt

A few lines from Mairin Duffy to the upcoming artists

I was talking with Mo on IRC and she told the following lines, I think I should also start learning :)
mizmo: well i dont know if they would know eric clapton :( but one thing i like to say to encourage folks in art in general, is that eric clapton never learned the guitar until he was already 18 years old
mizmo: it is something you can learn
mizmo: and free software really really really needs artists badly
mizmo: there are so many cool things to work on you get your pick if you are an artist

What if you mess up your KDE menu ?

To fix the menu rename/delete the following:

~/.local/ share/applications



How to create Fedora Live CD/ Live USB

Here isa nice tutorial on how to create Fedora Live images. The author explained in step by step way , you will learn creating a simple image to complex image also. You can also create a live USB key from any image.

KDE 4.0 released :)

Read it here.

You can read it in different Indian languages too.

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